Kingstone Capital Partners is an SEC Registered Investment Advisor.

We are a fee only manager specializing in large cap strategies. We focus on low-cost execution using either SMAs or ETF/Index Fund Models. We believe that equities, while core to any well diversified holdings, are not the main road to wealth. Our families and family office want equity exposure but with down side protection.

Our Core Strategy

The Core Strategy (our main offering) generates current income while maintaining a strategic and consistent approach to long-term growth and capital preservation. The Kingstone Core Strategy is an all Large-Cap equity strategy with growth and value model applications that seeks to maximize upside growth while minimizing downside risk to achieve a solid risk/return profile. A stable, bottom-up, investment process with a top-down macroeconomic overlay is designed to create steady growth with emphasis on total return.

Basic Strategy

Management Style

Holdings Between
25 and 35

Min. Market Capitalization
$5 Billion

Inception Date
January 2009

Our Process



Our Process - Stocks

Domestic Large-Cap Universe

  • Bottom-up quantitative screening
  • Value-based selection for long-term horizon



Our Process - Stocks

Risk Management

  • Perform fundamental valuation research to construct a low risk portfolio
  • Assess positions to minimize downside capture ratio and maximize upside



Our Process - Stocks

Sector Segmentation and Allocation

  • Pinpoint macro-economic variables that drive value for each sector
  • Isolate sector out-performance in current business cycle



Our Process - Stocks

Portfolio Construction and Stock Valuation

  • Identify negative correlation for diversification
  • Select optimal weighting of each position to maximize reward/risk

Our Partners

For client needs outside of equities, we have partnered with several managers who specialize in the areas we do not:

Saxon Securities
Institutional High Yield CDs

Preservation of capital Strategy — FDIC‑insured investments

Customized liquidity, duration, and distribution schedules

Superior yield when comparing similar investments

Substantial deposit capacity

B of I Federal Bank
High Yield Money Market

Up to 1.00% APY

FDIC-insured up to $250,000

Fully liquid (no holding period)

Concierge banking relationship